Today’s blog, we will learn the different types of nouns.

Nouns play as the basic information to learn the English language. This is also used greatly in sentence construction and grammar building. In short, a noun is an integral part of the language.

So, we will help you understand and learn more about nouns. Let us start with the different types of nouns. Each type of noun can have its own characteristics. However, two or more types can be used to label a noun.

Now, we start our fun learning about different types of nouns.

Common Nouns

When referring to things, in general, we use the type of noun called a common noun. A common noun is used to refer to general things rather than specific examples. Normally, common nouns are not capitalized, only when it is being placed at the beginning of a sentence or when it is a part of a proper noun.

The school is right behind the park.

My doctor is out of the country for two weeks.

Proper Nouns

A proper noun is, in fact, the opposite of a common noun. This type of noun names a specific noun and it begins with a capital letter, no matter its position on the sentence.

Michael Jordan has a line of shoes in Nike’s.

The capital city of United States of America is Washington D.C.

Mass Noun

Think of the stars in the sky, will you be able to count all of them? Certainly, you cannot exactly count the stars. Stars are examples of a mass noun. Correspondingly, a noun that cannot be counted is considered a mass noun.  You use noun modifiers to quantify mass nouns. For example, a pinch of salt, a glass of water, and 10 gallons of vinegar.

You cannot mix oil with water.

It is hard to count your hair.

Count noun

Your fingers can pinpoint certain things in this world. For instance a chair, a dog, or your candies in the jar. Hence, to say the least, a count noun is a type of noun that can be counted.

Please buy me some apples and oranges.

My dog is playing fetch with me.

Abstract Noun

The abstract noun is used to describe intangible things. This is one type of nouns that deals with emotions, way beyond human’s five senses. An abstract noun can be an action, feeling, idea, concept, and quality.

Success seems to come easily to certain people.

He received an award for his bravery.

Concrete Noun

The opposite of an abstract noun is a concrete noun. A concrete noun describes something tangible, names, place, and animals. We use our five senses in telling a concrete noun.

She bought a pasta machine in the department store for a cheap deal.

The school building is new.

Collective Noun

A collective noun is one of the most important types of nouns. It describes certain groups. It can be either singular or plural but is usually used in the singular.

The pack of wolves is grazing in the forest at night.

He sent his girlfriend a bouquet of roses.

Take note a single noun can be a part of two or more types. Like the chair, it can be concrete, common, and count.

Learning the types of nouns will make your English journey more fun and more solid. Therefore, master these types of nouns and be diligent to explore more of this thing.

Let us hear the different types of nouns in your mind. Comment down your answer.

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