Do you know any tips on how to write a cover letter?

Well, aside from resume, a cover letter is one of the documents needed when looking for a job. So, we tend to get nervous because we do not know what are the things we really going to put on that letter. Everything you write is a deal breaker.

That is why there are plenty of tips on how to write a cover letter that is made available to you, including this.

To make your lives easier, we give you our 5 tips on how to write a cover letter. You’re welcome.

Put some personal touch

A touch of personal information makes your cover letter on the edge of being read, INTENTLY. It gives the company a notch that you are really interested to be a part of it because you put an effort to know the people inside. Take note, the most important factor is knowing the hiring manager’s name. You may also include the job title you’re applying for, reference number (if applicable). and where/when you saw the advertisement. Also, include the date and your contact details.

Keep it Simple

Do not over complicate your cover letter. Many tips on how to write a cover letter overly emphasize [this blog included] that simplicity is the beauty. A good cover letter has short sentences, it uses simple language and it is specific. It should be between 3-4 paragraphs in length and no longer than one page.

Start your letter by stating the role you want to take part in the company. Then, you state your important and appropriate skill/s, qualification, and experience for the new job you are applying. Show how your interests and personal qualities make you the best fit for the job. And don’t forget to end your letter with “thank you”.

Be original

Always make an impression to your hiring manager. So, avoid using cover letter templates and generic phrases. Be creative and be original, these things surely catch attention. Your writing speaks a volume of you, it is you.

Avoid repeating your resume

A cover letter is different from a resume and vice-versa. So, do not repeat what you have written in your resume to your cover letter. It would be wasteful and redundant. Use the cover letter to expand the necessary details and discuss your experiences from a different point of view. You can also use your cover letter to highlight your skill and your qualifications that cannot be done in your resume. This way you will cover everything that needs to be covered with your resume and cover letter.


It’s normal to commit errors in doing your cover letter. So, use all your time to proofread your document because one small mistake will ruin your chance of getting hired. If you’re comfortable to have someone to proofread your letter, let them. Have your friends or an English teacher take a look at it.  Proofreading is just as important as writing.

These few tips on how to write a cover letter are all you need to stand out and be recognized.

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