Reading is one of the most creative ways to learn. It takes us to a whole new level of imagining and creating knowledge in our minds.  Furthermore, It is also one of the most effective tools for learning the English language. This is because of the availability of learning materials everywhere, which made learning English efficiently and more accessible.

If you are really eager in learning English efficiently, these 5 reading tips will be useful in any ways possible.

1. Read things that you actually enjoy

learn English-tips on reading
Always read the ones you enjoy.

There will be no wasted crumbs if you are enjoying the food that you eat. It’s the same with reading if you like it, it’s impossible to be bored. And also, if you are motivated to read,  it will bring the joy that will encourage you to read more. Thus, this will add windows for reading opportunities.

2. Keep a journal of new vocabulary words

Keep a journal of new vocabulary words
Keep a journal of new vocabulary words

As you read the book you love, you might encounter unfamiliar words. Sometimes, these new words can be overwhelming which you may find trouble using it, in speaking or in writing. Highlight these words, and write them down in your journal or notebook. Make sure you look for its meaning using a dictionary.

3. Follow up your comprehension

Always check your understanding with regards to the book you read. If you are having a hard time comprehending it, do not hesitate to ask other people. You will be amazed how these explanations help you in enriching your reading skill and your learning as well.

This is also applicable when you read poetry. As the cliche goes, you have to “read between the lines.”  This may come as a bit complicated for beginners, but to those who are up for a challenge, it won’t harm you if you go for it.

4. Always carry a reading material.

You will always have an opportunity to read. You can do it while waiting, commuting, or just lying down. So, every second you spend reading is another second to learn.

In addition, a consistent reading habit will exercise your brain to be active and can help your brain in retrieving knowledge faster and more accurate.

5. Find a quiet place

Girl reading a book
Find your quiet place to read.

A “zen” place improves your level of comprehension in reading. Thus, head your way to the library or your secret place,  and drown yourself to the wonders of the words.

In conclusion, reading plays a pivotal role in learning English efficiently. So, don’t waste your time, read, read, and read.

What’s your favorite book in English? Share it in the comments below.

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