Learning English as a second language is a tough job. You have to be physically, spiritually, and sometimes financially ready. You might explore tons of tips in learning English to have a favorable result in the end and to cut all the losses.

So without any further delay, here are 10 tips in learning English as a second language and this is for free.


Tips in Learning English as a second language is a tough job.

1. Enhance your vocabulary

In enhancing your English-speaking skill, you must enhance your vocabulary because it is important to express yourself more precisely and to avoid misunderstandings.

To enhance it you may try these tips in learning English vocabulary:

Explore online alternatives

Nowadays online references are way much accessible compared before and it has a wide array of opportunities to offer if you are learning the English language. There are tons of credible sites that offer excellent quality exercises or activities.

These may include the following exercises:

Games: the Internet has many exciting vocabulary-building games features. These games are fun to play with while students simultaneously gather skills in using and understanding the English language. Because of the immediate [fun] stimulus, the eagerness and motivation lean towards finishing the task successfully and efficiently.

Tests: Online tests are abundant in number and have the advantage of allowing students to test their knowledge without numerical assessment and the stigma of failure. These tests cater all learning styles and complement with the diverse nature of the test takers. Thus, this makes conducive to learning.

Also, because it is high tech, the immediate result is given right after the test, this immediate feedback will help the test taker to know their strengths as well as their weaknesses

Read anything, anywhere

Reading materials are not limited to books only, now, it covers e-books, online fliers, and etc. It can be accessed anywhere, not limited to your study and in the library.

Hence, we cannot have an excuse not to read anywhere and anytime we want. It seems tedious but this achievable, just start to a very short goal.

You may begin reading one paragraph, then two, then 5, and so on. Just know your phasing and comfortably. And in no time, you will realize that you are reading an entire thing without noticing it.

Also, while reading you may highlight your jot down unfamiliar words and look for their definitions in the dictionary after you are done the reading.

You will always have an opportunity to read. You can do it while waiting, commuting, or just lying down. So, every second you spend reading is another second to learn.

Offline Word Games

Aside from online activities, there are also offline activities that are fun and worthy of our attention too. These may not be games of the newer generation hence these old school boards and chips will tickle your mind. The games like scrabble, word search, crossword puzzles, and word-related games. These may be old but involving yourself with these kinds of activities will surely boost your word pool while having fun. As what the saying goes, “nothing beats the classic”

Aside from enhancing your vocabulary, you may enhance your speaking skill with these tips in learning English.

2. Talk and record yourself.

This may sound funny, but it is actually very helpful in terms of realizing how far you have been and what is the thing you need to work out in terms of your pronunciation, diction, and sentence construction.

Try to let others hear it too so that they can give you feedbacks, strengths, and weaknesses, in order for you to work it out the next time.

3. Talk to fluent English speakers

 Socializing will help you gain friends and new learning experiences. Hence, never be shy, talk to someone who is fluent in the English language, this will help you get accustomed to the language.

Observe them how they speak, what are their gestures, and take note of the words they use. If there are unfamiliar words to you, you may ask them the definition of these words or make a mental note and Google it afterward.

In addition, as you get used to them you may mimic or imitate them. It is a good way for you to sound like a pro.


Tips in Learning English as a second language

4. Read things that you actually enjoy

 Always read the ones you enjoy. There will be no wasted crumbs if you are enjoying the food that you eat. And also, if you are motivated to read, it will bring the joy that will encourage you to read more. Thus, this will add windows for reading opportunities.

5. Keep a journal of new vocabulary words

As you read the book you love, you might encounter unfamiliar words. Sometimes, these new words can be overwhelming which you may find trouble using it, in speaking or in writing. Highlight these words, and write them down in your journal or notebook. Make sure you look for its meaning using a dictionary.


Tips in Learning English as a second language

6. Listen to Quality Content

If you think that conversational English is the first thing you need to learn, then listening to a podcast is your best option.  The podcast is an audio series usually available for a subscription which allows you to stream and download audio files to your devices. Topics range from investigative journalism, crime stories, love, marriage, and life in general. The podcast takes storytelling to a different level. Need recommendations? Go here.

7. To movies, TV shows, news, entertainments, the radio

try the classics. If you can watch DVD’s you can watch the movie several times. Watching with subtitles and then, when you feel more comfortable, without them. You can have an English radio at home or on your mobile phone.


Tips in Learning English as a second language

9. Express yourself through writing

Writing is the best way to express yourself and your inner thoughts. That is why keeping a diary or journal is the way to let out everything. But, try to write in the English language, this is one of the tips in learning English that will connect to yourself in a deeper level and to learning as well.

10. Join blog discussions

Be participative in some worthy English blogs that share tips in learning English for free or low cost. Even if you are not a blog fan, you may find some that really encourage you to take part. So, just do it. You don’t need to be an expert to write a few sentences about what you think or feel about the content of the blog.