Do you want to know English words which are synonyms of brave?

If your answer is yes, then welcome aboard. Let us help you improve your vocabulary. If not, then don’t you worry, we can still help you out to widen your bank words.

Synonyms of brave cover the dictionary from A-Z.  That is why we are here to help you out with some synonyms of brave.

Now, here are  10 synonyms of brave that you can use to impress your teacher, or widen the scope of your vocabulary. Soon, you’ll be ready to conquer the English world.

Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk

Have you been hurt because of a broken promise? Well, this instance shows that the person [the one who made the promise] is a coward. Also, he never heard the expression “don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk”. For everybody’s information, if you are a type of human being who did a “don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk”, you are courageous enough to finish what you started, no matter what. No coward person can do that, just so you know.

Chad doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk.


The word gutsy came from the word guts which pertain to human organs. Imagine how they look like, and for sure you cannot stand looking at these unless you are a brave person. And that’s the reason why we have the word gutsy, the synonym of brave.

She is gutsy about the audition tomorrow.

Keep your chin up

Your body gestures can speak a lot about your emotions or your personality. For example, if you are scared, you become sweaty and cranky, if you are shy you don’t show your face. So, having an expression “keep your chin up”  throws a message that you show your face and not get discouraged,  be brave.

Child, keep your chin up and go up on the stage and sing it with all your heart.

The Man / Manly

We sometimes hear guys say “be a man” or “you the man” to a friend for a job well done, an outstanding performance, or just being cool. Although this does not necessarily mean that being a man automatically makes you strong, or being a female makes you weak. It’s just the absorption of language to the culture and vice versa which made this phrase associated with being a brave person.

My friend proposed to her girlfriend yesterday. He’s the man!


The word plucky may rhyme to ducky. Hence, plucky is not all quack because plucky is having or showing a lot of courage or determination.

The plucky activist faced the press to give his opinion.

Stiff upper lip

When your lips become numb it means something bad is happening to you. However, when someone tells you “stiff your upper lip” it means do not be shy and have courage. To give encouragement is the purpose of the expression.

Oh boy! have a stiff upper lip and ace that contest.

Strong Stomach

If you wretch every time you see a gruesome image, you have a weak stomach. Hence, having a strong stomach is someone who is bold or not affected by seeing something horrendous.

National Geographic is showing a lion ripping off the guts of the deer. I think I don’t have a strong stomach to watch it.


The word Trojan came from the Greek Mythology. The story is all about a wooden horse that was used to trick the city of Troy. It was used as the strategy of the Spartan soldiers in order to sneak into the city. Thus, this kind of gesture proved that being a Trojan makes you a determined and courageous person.

Go Trojan whenever you are in the midst of fear and doubts.


The word valiant has a medieval feels to it that’s because it is associated with a characteristic of a knight. But, in modern-day usage, valiant means having or showing an act of bravery or being courageous.

The valiant knight in shining armor is winning the war.

This list is by no means complete but we know for sure you are glad to learn these synonyms of brave. You may use these in writing or just a pep talk to your sad friend; as a word of zealous and encouragement.

Do you know more synonyms of brave? Hit us up, comment down your answer.

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