Nowadays, being able to speak English in business has great importance. Well, we are aware that the English language has been considered as the universal language.

In general, the English language fuels our major industries such as education, engineering, arts, culinary, entertainment, medical, and business. These industries have been putting emphasis on the usage of the English language, especially in the business society.

In the business world, it gives value to the English language as a medium of communication. The importance of business English lies in the fact that this is the only language that everybody understands. It may be your colleague, bosses, supervisors, or your clientele. Its existence results in a better understanding of each other and it increases the likelihood of productivity and effective working relationships. However, some people find English is hard.

First of the many reasons is that way before learning English is expensive.  It can consume all of our time. Hence, nowadays, learning English has been accessible and it can be offered in many ways. We have school, tutorial centers, online site, and self-help books. Thus, it has no excuse for us not to learn this amazing language.

So, in this blog, we will present 10 reasons why we need to speak English in business. Let’s start!

English is the language of new business platforms

The emergence of high-technology paved the way to open up new business platforms. You have now online shopping through the use of social media accounts and shopping websites. All of these platforms use the English language to sell, market, and distribute their goods. Consequently, understanding and mastering speaking English in business will help you expand and penetrate these kinds of platforms easier and more efficient.

English is the language of business and communication worldwide.

Communication is the key to building relationships and understanding each other. Thus, the existence of English is very vital because it is most widely spoken and written language in the world. It has been and will always be the language for all facets of the industries; arts, medicine, legislation, business, and may more.

So, if you fail to master it, you will surely be left behind in the game of business and commerce or in general.

Use for delivering presentations and speeches.

Doing business includes a lot of socialization and public speaking. Accordingly, you cannot deliver a presentation to your diverse team or your international clients if you do not know how to speak the English language. Therefore, try to invest time in learning and mastering the English language to have awesome presentations and powerful speeches

English is equated to a good impression.


We cannot deny the fact if you are from non-English speaking countries, meeting someone who speaks English very well will always make a good impression. It sends a signal about his intelligence, educational attainment, and his personality. Furthermore, speaking English in business will give you boost and confidence because you know initially, you made a good impression towards them.

Speaking English in business allow you to travel.

Companies and businesses always dream to branch out outside their respective areas. This dream could be an expansion locally or internationally. Along with this dream, they are looking for capable people to do the task. So, one of the qualities they are looking for is fluent English speakers.

If you are qualified, you have got to travel, meet strangers, and build an empire. This is the time where you can tell the importance of the English language while traveling for business or just for leisure.

You can outsource universally.

There are times your supply- manpower, raw materials- in your business will run out. This will always be possible to happen but it has a feasible solution for that problem. The answer to that is to outsource. You can outsource locally but there instances you can find sources outside the country.

Thus, speaking English in business comes into the limelight. It will help you communicate and negotiate properly with your supplier because you can understand each other. What a fun word, isn’t it?

Express yourself in a language that everyone understands.

As mentioned earlier, English is the “lingua franca” of the world due hence it may help you express yourself freely and undoubtedly clear.  This, speaking English in the business world, will sway you away from confusion, embarrassment, and misinterpretation because you speak and understand the same language.

Reflection of yourself

Some people in the business world use fluency of the English language as a measurement of intelligence, commitment, and readiness.

In some instances, your eloquence will reflect how committed you are to establish rapport and share your business in the world because you will strive hard to be understood by your clients.

These things may sound a tad of premature assumptions however these are quite a governing rule in speaking English in business transactions and other activities.

It gives you an edge. 

Imagine you are in a race. In this race, your task in order to move forward is to speak the English language. How well will you perform? Well, in this case, if you have fewer words, you will be left behind. If you have the opposite, it is easier for you to move to the finish line. This idea is so simple but it’s absolutely accurate.

Speaking English in business fluently will put you right above to those who are not English language speakers. The logic behind that is because clients or companies will never have a hard time expressing their selves. You can understand directions, transactions, and deals easily compared to others.

You are open to go beyond the standard.

Before, the English language is just one of the many languages in the world. But, it rose up to fame when the English colonizers invaded almost all parts of the world. Spreading their influences most prominently their English language.

Thus, this results in the English language as being the universal language. In the business arena, this way of speaking made a standard henceforth the industry expects us to know and master on how to speak and write in  English. Consequently, people now strive to go an extra mile to achieve mastery in English which is beneficial for all.

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