To learn English, it is important that you will explore the ways means of every topics.

Teachers use different teaching methods; these methods vary from student to another.  These methods may include lecture, game play, and role play.

Yes, a role play bring forth learning to everybody. In addition, it is also quite popular to all students in all ages and in all learning styles. It is fun and it is engaging.

So,  it’s time to talk about a widely used learning exercise for those who wants to learn English.

Here at MainEnglish, we also use the same technique which we incorporate into our online English courses.And we are talking about role plays.


A man confessing his love in a role play
A man confessing his love in a role play

What is a role play?

A role play is to act out a certain situation through a creative exposition.  It can be initiated in a form of a prepared script or an impromptu speaking.

Although this is very effective, there is also a possibility that it can go wrong.  In doing this activity, teachers’ guidance is required because teachers know what are the rights to do in doing role plays.

A role play of a man bidding goodbye to his friends
A role play of a man bidding goodbye to his friends

However, in online English courses, we do it with the use of technology.  Using videos of related topics initiate learning. And it simulates students’ creativity. Through this technique[videos of role pray], the learner responds accordingly. Also, technology has the appeal that can help sustain student’s attention.

Here at MainEnglish, we do the same in our speaking simulations. Instead of reciting random sentences, we prepare scripts that are related in our real life. Conversations about asking for directions, public transportation, and making small talks are some of the speaking simulations that we have prepared for you.

But, what makes a good role play exercise?

There are two reasons why we think that role play is a good exercise for us to learn English effectively.

First,  it needs involvement. Everybody should participate in all role playing activities. Also, it also helps learners build their self- confidence. In addition, it allows learners to get a glimpse of what’s out there, the real world. This will make pupils have the glimpse of real life scenarios.

A role play about having children
A role play about having children

Secondly, the learners will have an idea of what are the rules of English language because the given scripts are made correctly. Furthermore, scripts are required to be memorized. So, this also contributes to the learning process.

Are you an English language teacher? Do you often use role plays as part of your learning exercises? Do you see your students struggling, or enjoying the activity?

Or are you just starting out to learn English? Do you find role-play activities difficult to do? Why?

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