English language contains thousands of words that actually mean the same or synonymous. Several words and phrases in English are having 10 or more synonyms.

That’s a lot, don’t you think?

But, that is the beauty of synonyms. We can be able to express more words freely and creatively.

So, let us take the word “happiness” as an example.  The word happiness is having one of the most numbers of synonyms in the English language.

Due to the demand of expressing happiness, sometimes we tend to use happiness a little bit more than usual especially when we are writing.

Nevertheless, you should not worry because we got you all covered most noteworthy when you are actually “at a loss for words”.

Here are 10 words and phrases in English that is synonymous to happiness. It will surely make you giddy as you keep on reading this article.


This is a state of extreme bliss.

Glorifying God with all your heart brings out pure beatitude.


Experiencing bliss is like experiencing complete happiness.

Diving into the pristine water of Maldives’ beach was a sure bliss.


words and phrases in English
Ha-ha-haaai love you

It is in a state of being greatly happy especially in marital aspect.

As a newly-wed couple, all we could feel now is felicity. And, we are looking forward to a successful marriage until we are old and grey.


You are in a place of a cheerful and happy disposition in life.

After 10 years of working hard, my parents were able to buy a new house. They were hyped in gladness as they open the door of the new house.


The emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires.

The struggling businesswoman worked hard for her business plan. As a result, she scored the deal and she went home with great joy in her heart.

Warm fuzzes

It is having feelings of happiness and/or contentment.

Ice cream brings warm fuzzes to everybody.

Happy as a Clam  

words and phrases in English
Happy as a clam

It is being very happy and comfortable on a specific situation.

Her father bought her a brand new car. She is as happy as a clam.

Tickled Pink

It is behaving totally pleased or entertained on something that you like.

My cousin’s boyfriend surprised her on her 20th birthday party. She is having a tickled pink moment.

Having/Had a Whale of a Time

It is undergoing an exciting or fun time.

During the victory party of the newly-elected officials, they were so game in every part of the party. As a result, we really had a whale of a time. 

On Top of the World

words and phrases in English
Be on top of the world

It is an undertaking of wonderful, glorious, or ecstatic moment.

He was promoted to the position he had prayed for, he is elated, he is on top of the world.

P.S. In addition, happiness is a choice so [always] choose happiness.

Also, let us know what makes you happy. Write it down on the comment section below.

In conclusion, there are still many more words and phrases in English about happiness. So, keep on reading and never limit yourself from learning.

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