The new year 2019 is here! We will post all over the internet buzzing about their celebration as well as their resolutions. It has been a tradition all over the world to have their resolution. We believe that these resolutions are said to aid us to become better individuals. Nevertheless, most of these resolutions never make its way until the end of the year. But, why?

Well, some of the resolutions are waaaaay too impossible for us. Some resolutions are not applicable because of different circumstances. And some, we are just tired to do it.

Now, we will give you some tips on what kind of new year’s resolution you should use for a fuller and a more holistic growth and development in this new year 2019. Ready? Good!


new year 2019- self-care

 Learn something new every day

New year 2019 resolutions seem quite heavy because it requires you to learn something new every day. But, hey! Do not be so “nega”. It doesn’t literally mean you need to rocket science now, and astrophysics the next day. These tasks are small tasks and diminutively achievable.

These tasks can be: learn one new word or phrase for the day, learn the basics of grammar or poetry, learn one quote, learn one recipe, one song, one Do-it-yourself stuff, and anything that you can spare a minute or two. It seems the first time but eventually, it will become your habit and this habit will turn into knowledge. The knowledge you gain can be shared with the people around you or become better for yourself. Our world has so much bountiful knowledge, it is a waste to not tap into it!

Learn a new skill or hobby

Play with a word search, baking, calligraphy, and many more are hobbies and skill sets you can learn this 2019. It is said, in order for us to be more motivated we should indulge ourselves with hobbies. The reason being is that it breaks the monotony of our daily routines and improve our brain activities. These skill sets and hobbies are being taught everywhere and these are accessible.

You may search online for tutorials like Youtube or Pinterest. Also, you may look around maybe it’s just around your corner, you just do not notice. Don’t hesitate and just go!


new year 2019

Do something kind for your body and self-care

It is not selfish if you will take care of your body, it is then selfish if you are old and gray and your body hasn’t experienced all the glitters and the stuff that comes in between. As the great civil rights activist Audre Lorde wrote, “caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

So, this new year 2019 be kinder to your body. Pamper with things it needs. If it needs good food, eat but in moderation, if it wants to drink, let it drink to be happy not to be drunk, and if it needs rest, sleep.  Being a brute to yourself will cause you more damage later on. If it is hard, try to make a planner on how to take care of your body; and list down all the bad habits you have and try to change it step by step. There are many ways how to be kind to your body just be open to these changes and you will realize you have done it, my friend, slowly but surely.

Spend more time outdoors

This new year 2019 instead of lying down on your couch and scrolling your feed why not indulge yourself outdoors. This “outdoor” does not necessarily equate to partying all night. These activities are actually more worthwhile for yourself and to the environment. You may pick-up your picnic basket and rake your lunch outside, go for a hike, mosey through the park, and listen to the birds.

You may do it over the weekends or during holidays or maybe when you are too stressed out and you need a breather. It is good for you and for your health. Studies have shown that spending more time around nature reduces stress improves physical well-being, improves health, and many more. It will eat up your time but you will thank yourself soon if you will do it. Go out and inhale the life bestowed upon you

Eat healthy at home and away

Eating is one of the best pleasures in the world. It is at the same time a need for our existence. However, we tend to forget that we should properly and in balanced. We prefer those greasy burgers, fries, and carbonated sugar. We prefer buffets, diner, pubs, fast-food over home cooked meals. Yes, it is kinda true that all these food are good food nonetheless it doesn’t mean it is good for our mouth is equals to good for our body. These foods are processed, full of calories, trans-fat, cholesterol. These stuff (cholesterol, excessive fats, and calories) are not the requirements to have a healthier body; vegetables, lean meat, and a balanced diet are.

Your food speaks a volume about you. Thus, tend to be mindful of what eat. You may ask for help from your dietitian of what type of diet appropriate for your body. Avoid those fast food chains and greasy food. Try to go to the farmer’s market, they offer fresh veggies and a good quality of meat plus it’s cheap. And, be your own chef, learn how to cook because nothing beats home-cooked meals especially you were the one who prepared it. Okay?


Meditation-new year 2019

Meditate more often

Meditation is much more than closing your eyes nor humming some mantras.  Some people use the word meditate when they mean thinking or contemplating; others use it to refer to daydreaming or fantasizing. Whatever your ways to meditate, always remember it has benefits on us and in us.

Medically speaking, meditation has many good effects on our body. These effects include: reduces stress, controls pain, and decreases blood pressure. Aside from the medical effects, meditation also contributes to your emotional and mental health. It is a heap of benefits, so grab your mats and start inhaling and exhaling positive things and clear your mind from any garbage.

Avoid negativity

negativity is the root of all pain, chaos, and distress. It is best to avoid rather than to deal with it. In order to achieve fullness, make sure to highlight “avoid negativity” in the new year 2019. Negativity festers our lives slowly like a leech sulking our blood up without us knowing it. So, sashay all the bad comments, evil thoughts, and hatred in your hearts; and let love and peace rule your daily lives. Then, soon after, you will realize you’re in a good disposition whether the sky is blue or grey.

You may involve yourself to a less hostile environment like prayer groups, yoga classes, calligraphy, or any less stressful places. You can also change your outlook or perspective in life; be less judgmental, be more empathetic, be understanding, and be mindful with our actions are the best ways to eradicate negativity. You can as well be an advocate of change or be the voice of positivity. It doesn’t require a huge heap of money, you can do it by sharing a positive message on your social media, or show kindness to your neighbor. One action can make a whole difference. So, spread the love this new year 2019.

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