They say everything on this planet evolves; the people, the animals, and even the language. As a matter of fact, language changes the fastest of them all. Every year, there are a couple of hundreds of new English words are added to our vocabulary.

Merriam-Webster, a dictionary company, is one of the institutions responsible to certify and to approve new English words yearly.

This 2018, there are more than 1000 words to the pool of English vocabulary. These words mostly related to science and technology, online jargons, pop culture, medicine, and everything in between.

For this blog, we will give you 15 out the many new English words of 2018.


The airball word means that a player completely misses the basket, rim, and backboard with a shot.

Lebron James is a great basketball player. However, this season, he airballed the game.


new English words- binge-watching
Binge watching ’til our neck hurts.

Binge-watching is an act of watching movies/videos continuously for a day or two.

Did you know that Netflix released a new series? I’m interested in it. Let’s binge-watch it this weekend.

BOKEH (n.)

It is an effect with a blurred quality and has an out-of-focus portion of a photograph taken with a narrow depth of field.

The wedding photographer did a bokeh effect on the pictures of the couple. The bokeh made the pictures dramatically beautiful.


A conlang is a made-up language.

Internet slang is an example of a conlang.


This is an action that shows embarrassment or dismay.

The lady tripped while walking. She face-palmed but she just continued walking.


The word food insecure is used to describe someone who cannot afford to buy/eat enough food.

Poor people are food insecure because they cannot afford to buy food.


Ginger people are rare breed.
Ginger people are a rare breed.

A ginger is a person with red hair.

Ed Sheeran is a ginger man.

GHOST (v.)

Ghosting happens when a person ignores the messages, calls, or emails by the person they have dated or have had a romantic relationship.

The boy ghosted the girl he met online. He finds her shallow and annoying.


It is a term that refers to an act of self-deprecating statement with the actual purpose of drawing attention to a trait of which one is proud.

His neighbor humblebrags his new sports car.


This term refers to an article consisting of a series of items presented as a list.

Please email our listicle for next week’s agenda.

NSFW (abbr.)

The NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work or Not Suitable For Work. This abbreviation is used to warn the receiver about an attachment, email, pictures, or etc. that are not appropriate when viewed in public.

The couple sends each other an NSFW pictures during their work hours.


A photobomb is to join a picture taking with an intention to prank or to make fun of it.

Look at this photo, there’s a boy photobombing. He is so funny.

 PING (n.)

This is a signal sent from a computer to another or a smartphone to another to diagnose internet speed or the status of the target of the computer.

My ping is not doing so well, as well as my download and uploads speed. What is wrong with my internet connection?

WOO-WOO (adj.)

The word woo-woo pictures an incredibly mystical or supernatural person, place, events, or etc.

Her grandmother gave her an old clock. She thinks it’s a woo-woo clock.

YOWZA (intej.)

This is to express an incredible feeling of excitement.

Yowza! He is proposing to her girlfriend!

There are still many more new English words are waiting to be part of the English language. That’s why always keep your keen eyes and ears for these terms. So that, you will never be left behind.

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