In our previous blog, we talked about the different internet abbreviations and acronyms. Now, we will let you know some of the internet slang words and phrases that have been circulating in the cyberspace.

When you join forums or blogs, you might be able to encounter different internet slang words  and phrases that would make you scratch your head.

Usually, these terms were invited by young people just to sound their conversations discreet or cool.

Nonetheless, these internet slang words and phrases are not similar to abbreviations and acronyms. Actually,  they are two different words being combined or it is just completely made up words.

This list is by no means complete, but you’ll be able to understand some internet slang words and phrases that could make you a fish out of water.


internet slang
Binge watching ’til our neck hurts.

Nowadays, we do not need to go to the cinemas to watch movies.  We have now  online movies and even movie subscriptions like Netflix. These apps are giving us the whole movie experience at the comfort of our sofa. Because of this, binge watching was experimented and brought to life.

Binge-watching is an act of watching movies/videos continuously for a day or two.

I am free tomorrow from all of my tasks. So, I will be doing some binge-watching of Game of Thrones.


The emergence of camera apps made us explore and tinker our photos to a whole different level. Just like boomerang, it is an app on Instagram, where your videos could turn into Graphic Interchange Format or GIF.

So, the next time you want your pictures to become alive just say “boomerang”.

This view is perfect for Instagram, boomerang us.

 I Can’t Even

“I can’t even” could make your one brow higher than the other one. By default, this phrase is a hanging sentence. However, when it is used online, it means speechless.

What happened to your face?! I can’t even.

Just Sayin’

Polite words expand from excuse me to “just sayin”. This phrase is used every after you have given out your opinion to someone or something without the intention to offend.

Mr. Smith looks like he’s been crying for 10 years! Just sayin’


We, knowmads, we travel the world with you.

Travel blogs and travelers are a thing now. They share their majestic photos and videos on Instagram, Facebook, or even on their own webpage.

For this kind of lifestyle, “knowmad” is the word to connote a person who travels the world and share their travel experiences by uploading pictures and videos of places they have visited on their social media accounts. It’s a combination of ”knowledge” and ”nomad.”

Most of the knowmads can be found on Instagram, posting photos, and videos of their travels.


The word “lurker” is a person who hides in plain sight. This term is also associated to someone who enters or joins a site such as forums, but doesn’t leave any comments or reactions.

Some of the members of her blogs are lurkers, they don’t do anything, just scrolling and stalking.

Totes / Adorbs

Using catch phrase to express your opinion is always a good thing. Even better, when you use “totes” and “adorbs”. “Totes” is the shortened version of totally while adorable is for “adorbs”.

Those shoes are so adorbs, you should totes get it.


Imagine what does a troll looks like? It’s big and scary, right? Also, they have a pretty bad temper.

For that reason, online people use troll to describe someone who’s having fun on dropping hate comments online.

And just a piece of advice, don’t feed the tolls or go with their antics because they will make you more angry.

You usually find trolls on forums, but they can be anywhere online, most especially in the comment’s section on Facebook.

 There are many trolls so be extra careful of anything you post online. 

 Well played

Well played is never new to us. We usually use this every time someone did something good. For internet usage, it simply means a witty response.  It is somehow synonymous to “touche”.

A: This is the best date ever!

B: Because you are late.

A: Well played.


It is never safe to  text while walking.  Nevertheless, we just couldn’t stop this habit.

People on the web call this“wexting”. It is a combination of walking and texting with the head down.

We should stop wexting. It is not safe.

Do you know other internet slang? Let us know. Just comment your answer on the box.

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