How to write a business letter?

Since the iron gall and paper were invented, people start to write letters to express their feelings, opinions, and intentions to one another.  if you just want to share your personal thoughts, you can write a personal letter. This letter is informal and not conforming to any rules. But if you do a business letter, there are a few things we need to consider on how to write a business letter correctly.

If you are in the field of business or in a world of professionals, you need to learn how to write a business letter. A good business letter can create ain impact in closing deals and can leave a good impression on the people you are doing with.

There are many lessons on how to write a business letter. This can be taught seminars, online courses, ebooks, and blogs. Whatever it is that you need to write a business letter to, we have a few tips to help you get started.

So, we decide to write 5 most important tips on how to write a business letter better than the rest. Now, feast your eyes to these tips and digest every word and thank us later.

Use the correct order in using the different parts of the letter

In business letter writing, always make sure that your layout is correct. Incorrect layout might give others a “no-no” impression of you. So, to make it right, the order should start with the sender’s address. The address could be written at the top right or left corner of the letter. You may not include your name because it will appear in the signature part of the letter. After the sender’s address, leave an empty space then write the date. Take note that if you are writing an American company, the date should be in “month, day, year” order. The last one is writing the recipient’s title, name, position, and address. Make sure to leave a space after the date. After the date, it will be followed by salutation, the body of the letter, complimentary close, and the signature, in this order.

Give a special attention to the names, titles, and gender

Honorifics, names, and gender are among the most important parts of a business letter. Try to imagine calling “Mr. Brown” instead of “Ms. Brown” all throughout your letter. That is one embarrassing moment for you my friend. To avoid this mistake from happening, conduct research about the person and the company or institution you will be writing to. Know their names and the titles.  Avoid using “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Mr./Ms.”, it will make you look disinterested. Try to make it more personal because it will make them feel you are sincere with your motive towards them.

Avoid flowery words, be direct to the point.

Business people are very busy people. All we know is that they are always in the rush. Thus, skip those flowery words and go directly to the point. Be specific and concise about your purpose as to why you are writing that letter. Avoid unnecessary jargons if it’s not specific to the content. Jargon can sound like a lot of fancy words, or noise, with no meaning. Make use of the simple words, these are more time efficient and more comprehensible.

Practice Professionalism

In the intimidating world of business, we always demand professionalism. You must keep abreast with their gestures and their words. So, in writing, stick with the basics to create an effective letter to elicit a sense of professionalism. Address the receiver in the correct manner. Be vigilant with word usage and grammar.  And as much as possible avoid slang words like “What ya doing?” Instead, write it in a complete manner. In addition, always be respectful; use courteous expressions and abstain from giving your personal opinion if not being asked.

Proofread and proofread some more

Aside from dropping wrong salutation and titles, committing a mistake in your spelling and grammar is solely worthy of humiliation. Consequently, to avoid doing these errors, you need to proofread not once but twice. Yes, twice to ensure that there will be no mistake in your letter.

If you are unsure of your letter, you may ask someone who will edit or correct your work.  And if you have more money to spare, you can hire a professional to do the job. If none of these two are available, you can use online applications or word processors that check your spelling or identify the grammatical error in the letter you made. Also, try to proofread while you are in a hurry or under pressure. This is because your brain’s activity is in the rush that it cannot concentrate on checking. Always give yourself time set for your writing and separate time for your proofreading.

Writing great things needs a hefty of talent. And if you worry about writing, don’t you worry, effective writing is a skill you could be learned. To start your journey in writing your business letter, you can follow these tips.

If you have anything to add, how about leaving a tip or two in the comments below?

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