Two things are bound to happen every four years, leap year and of course, the FIFA World Cup. Here we will help you learn football words and phrases in the English language so you too can join the hype.

This years FIFA World Cup will be the 21st men’s international football tournament which officially starts on June 14, 2018 in Russia.   32 national teams will be competing against each other to qualify for the 2021 FIFA Confederations Cup.

So, are you ready to cheer for your team? If you are, better be ready and all geared up with these sports jargon’s.

Without any hesitation, we will give you these football words and phrases in English that will help you understand and be able to jive with the fever pitch of 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Away Game

This is when a team plays on their opponent’s own pitch.


It is a free kick from any of the four corners of the pitch.


Both teams have the same final score (e.g. 1-1).


If a player makes a goal and the score becomes equal (the same).

Extra time

It happens when the game ends with a draw.

People shouting with smoke effect
Football fans are in fever pitch for the opening of FIFA World Cup.

Fever Pitch 

It is the hype of excitement gathered from the crowd.


All of the games are planned.


The game is over.

Goal posts

The real goal where the ball should be into, to score.


The short break after 45 minute game time.

football words and phrases in English-having sweet left foot
Players who have a sweet left foot are incredible.

Have a sweet left foot  

It is a praise towards a person who is skillful in playing using their left foot.

Home Game

The team has to play in their own pitch.

Injury time

The referee allows adding extra playing time to compensates for the ones lost due to players who sustained injuries. It could be at the end of half-time or full-time.


This is when the game begins.


It refers to the whole uniform of the players.

Knockout stage

This is the stage where non-winning teams are eliminated.

Long-ball game

A long-ball game is when a team continues to kick long passes. This will result to a boring game.

three soccer players playing with one soccer ball
“Man on,” says the player to his teammate.

Man on! 

A warning to alert your teammate that there is an opponent behind him.


Two teams that will be playing against each other for 90 minutes.

National team

The team that will represent their country for the World Cup.

Own goal 

This is when a player unintentionally goals the ball into their own goal.

One-touch football

It is a term to show admiration for a team that successfully manages to pass the ball with a single touch.


The area or a field where football players will have a match.

Pull off a great/amazing save

To be able to save a ball that many people expected to be a goal.

Put eleven men behind the ball

This is when a team focuses more on defense rather than scoring.

Football words and Phrases in English
He kicks and goaaal!

Put it in the back of the net

It is a term that describes a goal.


The matches of 4 teams to see which teams will proceed to  the semi-finals


A round of two games to see which two teams are going to qualify for the final.

The finals

It is the final rounds that include the quarter finals and semi-finals.

The final

The final and last match of the tournament that decides who will be the champion.

We were robbed

It is a term used for people who believe that the game is unfair.

So, we hope that these football words and phrases in English help you in expressing your giddiness and excitement for the World Cup!

P.S. They prefer soccer over football.

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