For today’s blog, we will learn the different English words to describe women.

This is a tribute to all the amazing women out there. To every mother, sister, daughter, aunt, and all the women who offer their lives for the benefit of everyone.

There are many English words to describe women, but there is no word to label how great their contribution to our society is.

So, to begin our recognition of these amazing women; here are English words to describe women and all the facets they have on their body.


The word bombshell was first used by an actress, Rita Hayworth. It was literally her [Rita] beside an atomic bomb exploding at the Bikini Atoll in World War 2. Because of the catchy ad and term, bombshell became a trend which connotes a stunning and sexy female.

Every time she wears that red dress, it really proves that she is a bombshell.


Do you know Catwoman? She is a superhero who is mean but in a sexy way.  Women are called catty because they can be a little bit mean and devious to you. Especially, when they are on their period.

His mother was catty, status-conscious and loud.


During an etiquette class, women are taught to be demure especially ladies. Being demure is usually used to describe a woman who is modest or reserved.

She is a demure young lady.


The word frumpy is here and it isn’t about sexuality, it’s about her looks. Also, frumpy is one of the English words to describe a woman based on her choice of clothing, an old fashioned way.

The 80-year-old grandma is conservative and she wants her daughter nad granddaughters to wear frumpy clothes.

High maintenance

Maintaining something takes a lot of effort and patience. So do women who are especially high-maintenance. High-maintenance usually means a person who is emotionally needy or prone to over-dramatizing a situation to gain attention.

The actress is living a high maintenance kind of lifestyle.


Every 28 days or so, of every month, women shed blood, crave food, and have inexplicable mood swings. These things happen because of the increase of hormones in a woman’s body. The word hormonal was invented to describe a woman’s unstable and unpredictable mood swings.

My girlfriend is not in the mood, again. She is so hormonal.


The word sassy may appear to be cute. However, the true meaning of sassy is a woman with a strong personality. A sassy woman is high-spirited, smart, and stylish.

The CEO lady boss is so sassy.


Body figures of women are based on people’s perspective. Being sexy, to some people, is having a size zero. And there are people who think, you are sexy if you are voluptuous. But, what is voluptuous? A voluptuous woman has a soft, curved, sexually attractive body.

 A voluptuous woman looks extremely beautiful in her tight jeans.

We can never measure through words the essence of being a woman. But, we know for sure, every little bit of them is far more precious than rubies.

So, to all women out there, thank you and we are so proud of you!

Can you think of any English words to describe a woman? If yes, comment down your answer.

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