English fluency can be taught and many many ways. It can be learned when you in a group, by two’s or alone. It can also be taught by a teacher, by a friend, or by yourself. Whatever the means there is, one thing is for sure, it is easy if you have the knowledge of how to do it properly.

Hence, we give you 10 tips on how to improve your English fluency in no time. Now, fix your eyes and be ready to be informed.

Master the Rules of Language

The rules of language governing how the English language should function. These rules include semantics, syntax, morphology, pragmatics, and phonology. The 5 elements will help you on how to pronounce the word (phonology), how to link one word to another (morphology), how to know the meaning (semantics), and how to use the word in a sentence (syntax).

All these have the key factor in improving your fluency; without the basic knowledge of these, you will stumble each time you want to improve your English fluency.

Expand your Vocabulary

As what the saying goes “You cannot give what you don’t have.”, hence, you can speak English fluently if you do not know the words and how they supposed to use it.

Thus, expanding your vocabulary will give you a boost in achieving your fluency goal. In order to expand it, you may read thesaurus, or have one to three words per day, or write down every unfamiliar you will encounter and know the meaning afterward.

Just take one step at a time, there’s no need to rush.

Communicate with Native English Speakers

Socializing is a good way to improve your English fluency because you will be able to hear how these native English speakers speak the language. You may adapt their construction and their accent that will result in a more authentic way of using the English language.

You can meet these people anywhere, it may be a visiting tourist, online, or your newly-migrated neighbor or co-worker. Don’t be shy to approach them, for sure, they are willing to help you out.

Read many English materials

Reading materials-English fluency

Some people say that reading will take you to places even without you leaving the comfort of your room. Well, it is true because you may explore these places using your imagination. But, what’s connection of this with mastering English fluency. The connection is that reading can help you do anything you want especially aiding you out on how to improve your English fluency.

To some people, reading is a little bit boring especially if it entails long reading time or long passages.  however, don’t be wary,  there are ways on how to break the monotony. You may create flashcards in improving your vocabulary, or read online blogs that are short and very informative.

Any of these ways are good for learning stimulations because gaining a high level of reading fluency is hugely important before moving onto English listening and speaking fluency, because it’s the easiest and most logical to achieve first.

Listen or watch English music, videos, or movies

One of the best ways to learn how to improve your English pronunciation is through indulging yourself in these leisurely activities like listening to music, watching series or films.

When you are listening to music, try to listen and understand the lyrics of the song. Pay attention as to how the words are uttered and just repeat the part where you don’t understand. Also, you can download the lyrics of the song and read them while listening to the song or whenever you are free.

Through watching movies you are exposing yourself to the words in the English language. This will help you be more exposed and be more adaptive with their accent and the way they say words. Nowadays, these movies, series, and music are accessible to us because of their internet availability. So, you will never have the hardest of time to learn and be more fluent in the English Language.

Practice Tongue Twister

Tongue twisters are a set of words that are hard to pronounce. Like for example, “She sells seashells by the seashore.”

These word games help you find the correct placement of your words and enhance the speed and accuracy of the words that you will utter.

More on Fluency, less on Grammar

In speaking the English language, understandability and fluency are the priority rather than grammar. It is because we focus more on being understood rather than being grammatically correct.

So, the next time you are talking to someone, don’t be distracted by your grammar, just keep on talking because your goal is not to be perfect but to come across the idea you want to share. Your grammar will come in the latter if you are better with your fluency.

Practice makes Perfect

It is true that practice makes perfect, so, immerse yourself in learning the English language. Talk to someone, or else talk to yourself never let the passion died down.

Sooner or later, you will notice that you are far better than you are from the first day you learn the language.

Talk in Front of the Mirror

The absence of a speaking partner is not a hindrance in achieving English fluency. Talking in front of the mirror is one of the many methods you can use.

The benefits of talking in the mirror are you can observe your expression, your pronunciation and your body language as you speak. It also makes you feel like you’re talking to someone, so you can pretend you have a speaking partner.

You may 3 minutes to 5 minutes of your time just discuss anything that pops into your mind. If you have the difficulty finding the words, you may rephrase it until you ace the point you want to express. This will help you know what are your weak points, and how to deal with it.

Enroll yourself to online language schools

Lastly, if you have the money to spare but not enough time you may enroll yourself in online language schools. These online schools will give you the optimum knowledge to assist you in achieving English fluency.

You may try, mainenglish.com, this website offers you various blog articles and lessons to boost your learning. You will not regret any of the contents found on the website.