We learned English exercises to improve our vocabulary in our previous blog. Now, we will discuss more tips but not on vocabulary, but on grammar. These tips for dealing with different English exercises for grammar are surely a good read.

But before we start our tip giving blog, we need to know that grammar is something not to be overlooked with. It is essential in creating understandable and meaningful sentences.

Hence, we need to admit that grammar is one of the hardest things to master when you are learning the English language. There are many rules and exemptions to the rules that makes it harder and more confusing.

There are plenty of English exercises for grammar that are available online and offline. All you need to do is to search and explore more. You can also read articles how to scoop and improve your grammar, like this one.

To help you with in developing your grammar, we give you these tips for different English exercises for grammar.

Make use of online learning exercises and apps

blackboard with a word test written in chalk
Online test and exercises are very easy to find and use.

Again, there are many online exercises that are available online. Some of these exercises and smartphone apps are free and easy to use. For a sure steal, try to have a research about what website and/or mobile app is/are in demand with excellent reviews. These things will probably make your learning easier and more convenient.

Watch or listen to English movies or songs

List of apps on a tablet with a laptop
Be exposed more to English movies or English songs.

This drill sounds a little bit too much.  However, it will help you in a more fun way. To make this exercise a successful one, just turn on the subtitle and be familiar with how to use the language, the tenses of the verb, and the subject verb agreement­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­. These three things are usually we messed up with.

Read and Write more in English

a girl writinh on a white paper
Just write anything and everything.

They say practice makes perfect. So, as much as possible, make an effort to write or read articles, books, journals, or try posting on your social media accounts using the English language. That way, you will be more exposed to the language and you will be more familiarized on how grammar works.

Subscribe to grammar blogs, newsletters, pages, and any other media platforms

Mail apps with 20 unread emails.
One blog or mail per day would help you boost your learning.

There are tons of grammar blogs, emails, and pages that are updating daily or weekly that offer free lessons and exercises. These platforms may not cover everything but it will give you pointers on how to develop your skills in writing and speaking. It may take up your time in reading but it will always be worth it.

Learn the grammar rules and practice them

A magnifying glass that says grammar
Learning the rules takes a lot of commitment and patience.

Many rules and exemption governed grammar. These rules, as what we mentioned, are a bit confusing. Nevertheless, it can be remedied if you wholeheartedly learn them. You can also ask help from those people who are good in grammar such as your teacher, your native English speaker friends, or video tutorials online.

There are still many more tips that you can be learned, just try to research and apply it to yourself. Because not all tips are suitable to you. work on the things that suit you best.

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