We all aware that vocabularies of food in English language is so important especially when you travel. It gives you an opportunity to order a meal properly and enjoy it at the same time.

So, here are different vocabularies of food in English language according to their category.

Different types of Food

tyes of food in English

Dairy food

It’s a food group which is from cattle and flock like cows, chicken, goats, and many more. Their by-products are milk. It is also rich in calcium and fats.


Butter, cheese, yogurt

Grain/ Starch

Grains produce starch and starch is a famous source of carbohydrates. These grains come from wheat, rice, millet, corn and root crops——potatoes and sweet potatoes.


Mashed Potatoes, Risotto, Steamed Rice


The sources of poultry are from birds such as chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, et cetera. However, if you are not careful in preparing poultry products it can be dangerous because of Salmonella.


Fried Chicken, Parmigiana, eggs


Living things that are the sea that can be eaten raw or cooked. Seafood is considered expensive because of the rarity of the product and the where it comes from.

One of the most expensive food in the world is caviar. Caviar is an egg of a certain breed of fish that is rare hence its cost skyrocketed from zero to thousand.


Oyster, fish, shrimp, and clam fish


Leafy and non-leafy parts of the plants are called vegetables. These are suitable for cooking and these are edible.


It contains seeds or stone, and they can be eaten raw after becoming ripe.

Vocabularies of cooking food in English language

cooking of food in English


Baking is to put and cook it in an oven. Furthermore, it is considered as exact Science. Hence, it’s not all about cooking it’s all about measuring, following the procedure, and check the time and temperature properly. To put and cook it in an oven.


cakes, pies, baked turkey, bread


Beating is to mix an ingredient or ingredients using a beater, a fork, or a whisk. Also, it is often associated with cooking eggs or baking.


Scrambled eggs, mousse, meringue


This cooking method must achieve the 100C or the boiling point to achieve the process. Moreover, it is only used for tough ingredients like meat or big chunks of vegetables.


Beef Stew, Hard-boiled Eggs, Mashed Potatoes


Frying using skillet.

Some people consider frying as an unhealthy cooking option because of oil, butter, or fats. Nevertheless, there are foods which are best when fried like fried chicken. It’s a staple food in some parts of the world and the star of several fast-food chains.


Croquettes, Fried Chicken, French Fries


Greasing is simple. You just rub the butter or oil onto a baking pan or dish to stop the food from sticking.


Grilling is famous every 4thof July in the U.S.A. because of their famous Independence Day food— hamburgers. This method uses hot gas or charcoal to cook food on top of it.


Burger patties, barbecue, kebab


This way of cooking has been used interchangeably with grilling. However, it’s not. Roasting involves cooking food using the oven.


Sauté is French in origin nonetheless this vocabulary for food in English has been adopted and used. This procedure entails cooking food quickly with less quantity of oil.


Steaming is one of the oldest cooking methods in the world. It is a simple way of creating food using hot steam.


Dumplings, gyoza


Stir-fry means to jump. Hence, this is to fry quickly over high heat while stirring. You can stir-fry almost all kinds of meat and vegetables.

Restaurant Term and Food in English Vocabulary



This is not a degree from the university. It’s a vocabulary of food in English which means a part of a meal. A full course meal usually comprises of three or four courses meal namely appetizer, salad or soup, main course, and dessert.

A la carte

The term a la carte, French origin, is a type of ordering meal in a fast food chain as a separate dish. It is not part of a set or a combo meal.


An appetizer is a dish that is eaten before the main course. It is usually salty or a little bit savory, just enough to open your appetite.


The term “entrée” has two completely different meaning it just depends where you are in the world. When you are in France, London, and Australia, it defines as a meal before the main course. While, when you are in the United States of America and some other parts of Canada, they describe entrée it as a main course. So, be careful upon ordering your food this is to avoid confusion.

Hors d’ oeuvre

This type of vocabulary of food in English is quite a mouthful but it is simply a  savory food or a dish served as an appetizer.

Book a table

It’s a phrasal verb of vocabulary of food in English which connotes to reserve a table for a meal through calling the restaurant.


This is where you can find all the list of foods and drinks served in a café, hotel, fast -food chain, restaurants, and etc.

Service Charge

A monetary amount added on top of your bill. The money will be given to the staff for their service.

Set menu

A set menu or combo menu is a multiple course meal which is being sold for a fixed price. You can usually see this one in fast food chains.

Side dish

A side dish or a side order is an extra dish or an extra serving of food along with your main course. These are usually made of fruits or vegetables or a combination of both.


When you are special then you are unlike the rest. It also applies in this vocabulary of food in English where special means a dish that is not regular on the menu. It could be available once a week, once a month, or depending upon the decision of the chef.

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