Looking for worthwhile travel tips? Look no more. We have it here. Just start reading.

They say traveling is a good way to heal your tired soul or find you lose self. Well, there are many reasons people travel. Some travel for work and some travel for fun. Whatever reason we have, one thing is for sure, travel is life!

Here are 20 travel tips for you to learn. Enjoy!

1.    Secure your passport

Travel tips

A passport is an important document used for identification and for passage in and out of the country. It contains your name, date of birth, expiration date, and your picture. Every country has its own designated passport color just like the United States of America, its passport hue is navy blue.

So, before heading abroad or booking a flight, make sure that you have your passport and its updated. Avoid booking a flight six months prior to your passport expiration because it may cause you to delay or offloading. Better check it before clicking the “book now” tab.

2.   Decide where will you travel

There are many places where you can visit. It just a matter of many considerations. You may list down these following considerations:

  • Do you want far or close to you?
  • Do you want sunny or cold weather?
  • Does it suit your budget?
  • Do they have an internet connection?
  • Do they have good accommodation?
  • Is it safe?

And there are many other questions that you should list down before finalizing everything.

3.   Visa or Visa Free?

Have you ever heard of VISA? A visa is a certificate or a mark that is stamped or attached on your passport that indicates if you can enter or leave a particular country.

There are certain countries which provide a visa for a foreigner. Thus, make research if you plan to visit a certain country. If it does, inquire about the requirements and wait for the result before doing anything wrong—like booking a flight without your visa. Never do a presumptuous move before everything is final and stamped.

4.   Pick the right season

If you have already the place, make research and book it based on the right season so that you will get the best of it. Like for example, if you want to visit the cherry blossom in Japan, the best season is from March until last week of April. Thus, you may be able to tick off that bucket list.

5.   Book in advance

Finding a great deal for plane tickets is a jackpot! Hence, try to scoop some seat sales or book way advance because it will save you tons of money.

For your information, there are mobile applications that will help you find some cheap deals from plane tickets to hotel accommodations. Just be a good hunter.

6.   Plan in Advance

Planning in advance may save you from the chaos of traveling. In starting this plan, one of the best travel tips is to create a draft of your itinerary. The itinerary must consist of the date, time estimation, and the “what to do” stuff in order for you to budget your time properly.

7.   Research for travel tips!

Now where almost everything is just one click away so make research. Research for the good places to visit in the country you are visiting. Learn if there are fees, do’s and don’ts’s, mode of transportation, and whatever that will make your traveling a whole lot better.

8.   Book a good hotel

A good hotel will help your whole travel easier and more stress-free because you will be able to relax and rest properly. Just so you know, traveling is tiring because of walking, picture taking, and another set of walking.

Thus, having a good hotel is one of the travel tips that assure you of perfect leisure.

9.   List down everything you need!

Listing down everything helps you not to forget anything prior to your travel and as you come back you will not forget some things from your travel.

10. Travel with people you like

Travel tips

This tip is for group travels. Your companion will either make or break you so choose the people you are comfortable with. It could be your best friend, your parents, or anybody you can laugh with and shares the same travel attitude with you.

11. Expect the unexpected

Even though you have planned your travel expect the unexpected. There may be road bumps, change of flight, angry weather, and the list goes on and on. Brace yourself and think of a possible plan b.

12.Download travel apps for travel ideas

Travel mobile applications like Klook, Agoda, Waze, or etc. will definitely aid you before, within, and after your travel. Just make sure to secure a pocket wi-fi or a roaming number to access these apps.

13. Learn common courtesies

Every country has its own traditions and own set of rules. Knowing these rules and traditions and respecting them will bring you further with your travel. There are many travel tips out there but this tip must be followed accordingly. This is to avoid conflict and worst deportation.

14. Check your money

Know the monetary usage of the country that you are visiting and make sure to exchange enough bills within your travel period. In addition, if you will be using your credit card make sure to inform your bank that you will be using it abroad. This is to shun the idea of identity theft and to eschew overspending.

15. Pack light

Packing light is for comfort and accessibility. Light baggage means light responsibilities. Furthermore, this is for you to elude over baggage and another unnecessary expense.

16. Ask someone for travel tips

Try to look for a local who can help you with your travel or look for someone that has been into the place you are traveling. Their knowledge and experience will help you more than you could ever think of.

17. Check the weather

Weather may affect your whole travel experience because you might be caught in between storms, or you don’t have winter clothes or some things related to bad weather. Knowing the weather predictions will assess you to look for alternative plans if the weather turns out unfavorable to you.

18. Plan your clothes

It seems vain but planning your clothes is a big deal. Why? It is because there are countries that are particular with your attire and they deem it inappropriate if you have inappropriate clothes.

Research the dress codes based on the country and the type of weather the place has. Also, you can have an advanced technical dress rehearsal because it’s fun!

19. Check travel tips online


If you are still clueless, you may check travel tips online. There are many blogs and vlogs for travel. You may learn a lot of knowledge there.

20. Learn how to read a map

This sounds burdensome however if you are into the adventure so try to learn how to read a map because it will save you in a way you may never imagine. Let the boy scout spirit embrace you.