Do you know that there are many English words for father?

We all know there are many English words that have alternate definition or synonyms.  Some are common to us and some are peculiar in ways we cannot comprehend.

But on this blog,  let’s focus on the different English words for fathers. Because they deserve the highlight that there is in this world.

Here are 10 different English words for father that every person on the globe can use it.


Procreating is one of the reasons why people get married. Thus, the term begetter, coined as a male parent that needs to procreate an offspring.

Baby daddy

If we are called as a baby we turn into jelly, right? Yeah, we really want to be taken good care of. But, when you become the baby-daddy, it means responsibility because you are the father of a woman’s child.


The patriarchal term “dad” is common to all people around the world. It is just plain simple, that’s all. But, did you know that its origin is said to be from the reduplicated syllable da which is characteristic of early infantile vocalization, with the final vowel removed?


Genes coming from our parents are responsible for our good looks, nice hair, and supple skin. That is why the word “genitor” is used to describe one of our gene donors, our father. This word can be used as a general term for a parent, but it especially refers to a male one.

Head of the Family

The head of the family is a patriarchal position given to the father. They are seen as the leader of the family because almost all of the decisions are made by the father.

Old man

Being an old person is the last stage of human development. But, being called “old” mostly refers to ‘a woman’s husband’ or ‘a male partner’, as well as ‘a person’s father’.


The endearment papa is a word used in many languages as an affectionate term for father (or less frequently, grandfather).


Popcorn, lollipops, ice pops, and sugar pop, all are delectable in the palate but not the human pops. Pops is a word from the American English which connotes father or papa.

It’s amazing how these English words for father so short hence speak a lot of character and devotion, isn’t it? We are truly blessed with the existence of our father even no matter what we call them they still love us in an unconditional way.

For that, thank you pops, dad, papa, or Superman! No amount of English words for father could suffice our gratitude towards you all.

Do you know any other English words for father? Let us know, comment down your answer.

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